The most beautiful things in life are not seen, but felt by the heart.

"PW Bullet" arrived at our kennel long enough to stretch his legs, grab a shower, and a snack before heading to his forever home.

"DKC Autumn Color" was so happy checking out his new place where food comes from to strike a pose with his new family.

Gorgeous "Kiowa Mari May" found her forever home just in time for the holidays! She's so excited to have a new brother to play with.

"WW's Curly Wirly" (now Curly) not only celebrated her Gotcha Day, she also arrived just in time for Santa Claus.

The talented and handsome "Jiminy Ripley" is happy he will be forever home in time for Thanksgiving!

"Mind Blowing" (aka Milo) is on his way home with his forever Mom. Be happy, beautiful boy!

"DKC Lightening" (now Reload) was a bit too sleepy to pose with his new family. He said retirement is awsome!

"Go Go Grover" is one happy boy. Not only did he find his forever home, he'll be home in time for Turkey Day.

"Flat Out Tonton" arrived at our kennel long enough to stretch her legs; grab a shower, a snack, and found her forever family.

"Pat C Dreading" loves retirement. She is so happy to have a brother and little sister to play with her.

"CG's Tom Hanks" said he couldn't be happier. He arrived on Thursday and Saturday found his forever family.

"A Star Orchid" stopped long enough to pose for a photo with her new forever family.

"Go On Robo" wanted everyone to see his happy face posing with his new mom.

"Kiowa Brandy Van" enjoying extra pats from his forever mom as he waits for her to take him to his forever home.

"Majesty" met her public while attending our Annual Picnic & Fundraiser. She found her forever Mom & Dad.

"Wiljac Frank" thought he was going to a picnic - a family saw him and adopted him for their very own.

"Mjr Pay Kim" wanted to show off her Mom & Dad and let her greyhound buddies know retirement rocks!

"Flying Cyclone" was so excited to find a forever home, she barely stood still long enough for this photo.

"Go on Merlin" is thrilled to have found his forever family. He's looking forward to playing with his new buddy.

"Cals Bambam Sam" has found his forever home just in time for a holiday cookout.

"Jax Thorne" is waiting for a few more pets before heading to his forever home.

"JHawk Superwoman" is loving retirement. She's always ready for an adventure and making new friends.

Look how happy "Wiljac Ebony" (Jackie) is, her dreams came true. She found her forever family and a new brother too.

"Perfect Paco" is one happy boy. Not only did he find a greyt forever home, but has lots of new friends to play with.

"Kiowa Brown Cat"​ is so happy to get his wish and find his forever family in time for "Hot Dog Day."

"JB's Supernova" and her new mommy saying their goodbye's before heading forever home.

"Pat C Ransacking" said he couldn't wait to get to his forever home and play with his new 2 and 4-legged siblings.

Such a happy day, "Ruff Patrol" poses with his new forever family.

"Eleanor Haber" found her forever family, she even has 2 playmates, BONUS!

"Afly Dale Evans" found her forever home. Happy Gotcha Day, pretty girl!

"JG Saucey" wanted us to see how happy she is in her forever home and thrilled to have a brother to play with.

"Also Knockout" arrived early this morning and is already on his way to his forever home!!

"HS Omega" (now Meagan) arrived, stretched her legs, and found her forever family.

"Oakland A's Greg" is happy to find a forever family of his own.

"AMF Bubba Blue" (aka Bubba) not only found his forever family, its his Birthday! Happy Birthday & Happy Gotcha Day!

"PW Bandit (now Ajax) wanted to show us how he's adapted to "the good life."

"E's Olaf" says he loves basking in the sun and playing with his new toys in his forever home.

"RWC Red Legs" says retirement is awesome and loves being close to his family.

"Wink Martingale" is one happy boy. He just adopted a Mom & Dad and is going forever home.

"Katra Talking" wanted everyone to admire her pretty pink coat before leaving with her new Mommy.

"JB's Doublemint" ready to load up and head to his forever home.

"Will Mayham" is so happy to have a brother at his forever home and he's learned to play tug of war.