“A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart.”

"CDC Harleyquin" is ready to head forever home to test out something called, couch city.

"Oshkosh Cramer" is so excited he found his forever home. He said he hopes his new Dad lets him ride shotgun.

"Stephen King" was ready to head to his forever home. They both look so happy.

"CDcsJacktheriper" (now Jack) was thrilled he found a forever home with a buddy to hang around with.

"Jd Burrberry" is going to love all the attention from her new forever family.

"Fancy Filigree" wanted to share what retirement looks like at her forever home.

"Kilo Rosann Bar" and "FB's In Vincible" can't believe their luck! They found a forever home together, and both share July birthdays too. How exciting.

"Hyper Sally" couldn't wait to send this photo. Look at that smile! So excited about her new comfy bed.

"AJN Flying Tony" posing with his new Mom. He said having a buddy to hang out with is greyt.

"KB's Rapid Flow" is excited he's heading to his forever home. He loves knowing life is best with someone to play with.

"Rico's Mirassou" (now Miso) found his forever home. He's looking forward to hanging out with his new houndie buddy, Dillon.

"Atascocita Daze" (now Dex) couldn't believe his luck. He loves his forever family. It looks like they are pretty smitten with him too.

"Coddia" heard she has her own bed at her forever home. Looks like she's settling in nicely.

"Rico's Sawyer" found his forever family. He's ready to explore his new home.

"DB's Sara" (now Sara) is a happy girl. She is loving retirement, and even has playmates.

"DK's Tuxedo" & "A Star Hosta" are 2 happy houndies.They found a forever home together, and they have a sister! Isn't she pretty? Retirement rocks!

"Jax Delbert" wanted a forever family photo before leaving. He said he wanted to remember the best day ever.

"DKC Big Sass" posing with her new forever family. She's so happy to have a buddy to hang around with.

"RLM's Kingston" was too excited to pose for a photo with her new mom. She heard forever home and was ready for the ride.

"JAS Lordsheppard" proudly posing with his forever family. He's ready to discover his new world.

"Cayenne Whoopi" was a bit camera shy - she was focused on her new forever family's car. She was ready to head to her new home.

"Spunky Jamie" (now Trixie) wanted everyone to see her new forever family. She's looking forward to having her new buddy, 'Skip' to hang out with.

"Boc's Take This" (now TT) is so happy to find her forever home. She's looking forward to retirement.

"Centex Sherri" (now Sherri) said her goodbye's and is ready to head home with her new forever family.

"Royal Trust" (now Sweets) said he likes the sound of his new name and was ready to head off to his forever home.

Deco Beastar (now Riley) is one happy girl. She is ready for retirement and has headed to her new forever home.

"MP's Everlast" (now Oliver) pictured here with his new family. He was so excited he has a forever home.

"Extra Sassy" wanted another photo for her foster mom with her new forever family. She's so happy to have 3 houndie sisters to hang out with.

"PG Lip" (now Lilly) said her foster dad fell instantly in love and kept me for his very own. I have a brother to show me around, and lots of room to run and play. I'm loving retirement.

"Tempo Ronin" (now Ronin) was excited to find his forever family, and said he's ready for his forever couch.

"Donna Summer" (now Donna) gave her best adorable face and found her forever home.

"PJ Father Dave" (now Davie) was all smiles knowing he found his forever home.

"WP's Jaguar" & new arrival, "Varoom" just got to know each other when along came a family who had to have them both. Look how happy they are to have found a forever home together.

"Grinding Garr" posing with his new forever family. He can't wait to see his new home.

"WW's Shock Wave" had one final "roo" with the rest of his kennel buddies before leaving for his new forever home.

"Wins Jayhawks" had his tennis ball and stuffie packed, and was ready to head forever home.

"WW's Dolphin" was excited to head to his forever home and learn all about little people.

"Quick Quinn" is forever home with her her new family. Imagine her luck, a buddy named "Gavin", and lots of Superbowl munchies!

"Moven Melvin L" found his forever home and wanted everyone to see his new family.

"B's Greed" said he's one happy boy. Having so much fun in his new forever home, he forgot to send along this photo.

"Extra Faithful" was happy she's heading to her forever home. She can't wait to play with her very own little person.

"Extra Snappy" was so ready to hit the road with his new forever family, we barely had a moment for a photo.

"Fgf Berkshire" was thrilled the whole family came to meet him. He asked his new brother if he could have a blue collar and leash like his Mom's shirt. He loves blue.

"E's Cat Inthehat" (now Atlas) is riding dead center on his way to his forever home. He loves being reunited with his littermate, Sally - (she's the pretty red girl behind him.) He can't wait to get to know his new brother too.

"WW's Fly Away" loves her forever dad, and we're happy to see she's adjusting nicely.

"Redneck Roadster" was one happy boy. Not only did he find a forever family, he also got a cool purple coat.

"DKC Standard" wanted one more photo for his foster mom before heading to his forever home.