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My name is Riddick. Just like the sci-fi anti-hero with the same name, I am in superb physical condition, and quite the looker if I may say so myself - and it looks like my new dad agrees! On Halloween 2020 I ran my first race in Petersburg, Fl at Derby lane - and placed 2nd! I had 40 races all in all, in two states and 3 tracks. I celebrated New Year's with a race - but I wasn't really a contender. My 4th birthday is coming in March. I'm thinking we could do some really fun things together to celebrate - maybe even a road trip? I love looking out the window as we travel and seeing the big beautiful world. Call Denise so I can be the hero in your story - and that's reality, not science fiction!

Category: Male Greyhounds
Adoption Status:: Adopted!
Nick Name: Riddick
Left Tattoo: 73392
Right Tattoo: 39E
DOB: 2019-03-05
Color: Red
Weight: 83
Timestamp: 2022-01-18T23:34
If you\'re interested in adopting Riddick, please submit an adoption application and call Denise Davis at (304) 229-4944 to meet this beautiful greyhound.
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