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Penrose Greg

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Did you that Penrose is Welsh or Cornish for "top of the heath?" Well I'm certainly feeling on Top now that I found my family!! Don't we look good?!
There's certainly not much "heath" at TriState in WV, but in 89 runs I managed to come out on top in 6 of them. With 19 second and 10 third places. But now that I'm retired at almost 4 years old folks call me Greg, and the only thing I'm looking to be "on top" of now is your couch. Greg stems from the Greek for watchful. After I win at "couching" I'll look forward to having you show me how to win at "binge-watching" your favorites. Until then I'll be watchful of Denise's phone waiting for your call.

Category: Male Greyhounds
Adoption Status:: Adopted!
Nick Name: Greg
Left Tattoo: 72816
Right Tattoo: 98G
DOB: 2018-09-10
Color: Fawn brindle
Weight: 76
If you\'re interested in adopting Penrose Greg, please submit an adoption application and call Denise Davis at (304) 229-4944 to meet this beautiful greyhound.
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