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No, that's not a typo and the keys didn't get stuck - that's really my name! On paper anyway. Everyone around here just calls me Meagan. I'm pretty sure that you will too when you come to meet me, although I'd love to hear you try to pronounce it. I'm 2 years and retired now after a lucky 13 races at TriState where I mostly just hung with the pack and didn't place. I'll be happy to hang with you, too. Call Denise and let her know you need me as part of your pack.

Category: Female Greyhounds
Adoption Status:: Available!
Nick Name: Meagan
Left Tattoo: 74753
Right Tattoo: 90I
DOB: 2020-08-28
Color: Brindle
If you\'re interested in adopting Bodyodyodyodyody, please submit an adoption application and call Denise Davis at (304) 229-4944 to meet this beautiful greyhound.
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