Summertime Heat

Summertime Heat
Heat will kill your dog. If it’s been hot, please use common sense and good judgment when you take your dog out in the heat. Greyhounds, because of their lack of fat and hair, don’t have the insulation other dogs have to the heat.They need to be in a controlled temperature environment of 68 – 72 degrees. The following are some guidelines.

Water, water, water.

Dog Cookie Bake Sale!

Get home-baked cookie goodness for YOUR dog (or cat or horse, too)! A group of volunteers are making homemade treats and selling them as a fund-raiser for Greyhound Rescue, Inc..  GRI has been rescuing retired racers since 1989. They have found homes for more than 4000 dogs! Join us and treat YOUR best friend to a homemade treat, all for a good cause!

There will be a variety of special diet treats, including grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and vegan, for dogs on special diets. ALL cookies are homemade and will have ingredient lists. Have a request? Ask us!

Have a greyhound? Please bring him or her to meet the public. We hope to spread the word about these gorgeous, gentle ex-racers and place more of them on sofas in 2017~

Don’t have a dog/cat/horse companion? Buy cookies for a friend/neighbor/co-workers’s pet. Or better yet – ADOPT A GREYHOUND! ? Greyhounds look fabulous on couches.

Want to help, but can’t make it? Help us spread the word! You can repost this event, or we will give you a flyer to hang up.