"Dark Donnie"


"Arroyo Bentley"


Having been involved with adoptions of thousands of retired racing greyhounds for 30
years, sadly there have been occasions where dogs arrive at our kennel a bit knocked
about from travel, and sometimes injured. Recently, 3 arrived requiring after hours
emergency vet treatment. These surprises certainly take its toll on us, especially our
“Emergency Funds.” As we nurse them back to healthy condition; and many trips for
follow up vet checks, yes, and various medications, we are swamped with exorbitant out
of pocket expenses and desperately need your help!

*Donnie: He was one sick little boy when he arrived at our kennel. High fever, swollen
face, and was urinating blood. He was taken to Emergency Vet. After
thorough testing they discovered he had 0 blood platelets, (i.e. no blood
clotting ability.) Diagnosis: Anaplasmosis Positive (Tick-borne disease.)
Poor Donnie spent 2 days in around the clock Intensive Care. It was so
touch and go; we received a call asking, “if he crashes, should they
resuscitate him!” Thank goodness he’s responding well to treatment, and
will be fine with rest, and meds. He is comfortable, resting, and
recuperating in our kennel.

*Boomin: This handsome guy arrived in pretty bad shape, with a lot of trauma to his
front right foot, where tendons are exposed, and puncture wounds from an
ill-fitting muzzle. He too required an Emergency Vet visit. He was given IV
fluids, antibiotics, and pain meds. This poor boy has some necrotic skin
around the area, which will need additional vet treatments. He too is
resting comfortably at our kennel.

*Bentley: Arrived injured, only using 3 legs. Emergency Vet visit, x-rays were taken,
luckily no broken bones, only badly bruised, and just needs rest. He’s
comfortable and recuperating here at our kennel.

*Moe: A 10-week old Brindle puppy, (DOB: 01-SEP-2020) came to us with a bad
leg. After a vet visit, x-rays were taken; they discovered his entire knee
bone was infected, leaving a hole. We were told there is a chance he may
lose his leg. Moe has been on high doses of antibiotics, and pain meds (when
necessary.) He’s using the leg and acting like a puppy, but trying to contain
his activity. He too is recuperating at our kennel.

Life at Paws on the Mountain has been a “bit” crazy busy. Unfortunately these
unexpected expenses we are incurring are astronomical, and these guys really need your
help. Whatever you can give, we truly appreciate any support you can offer. Below is a
link to donate via PayPal and our address if you prefer to send a check.
As these race tracks close, their goal is to get as many retired racers they can on the
road to adoption. Paws on the Mountain will continue doing our best to find forever
homes for these amazing pets we all know and love.
Thank you for your continued support!
Denise Davis
Paws on the Mountain – Greyhound Adoption

Paws on the Mountain
862 Cressen Drive
Gerrardstown, WV 25420

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