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Latest news... for many of you that haven’t heard, after 101 years of Greyhound racing, it was voted on Nov. 6, 2018, Amendment 13, to ban Greyhound racing in Florida. This ban goes into effect at the end of 2020, meaning thousands of retired racers will need homes!

As these former athletes slowly become available, we must be ready to welcome as many as we possibly can. With the fast rising costs in veterinarian fees; dog haulingfees, gasoline, basic everyday kennel costs, and the price of getting theseGreyhounds also rises. Yes! Believe it or not, they do not come to us for free!

We are committed to continue our mission of finding forever homes for theseamazing athletes, and with the help of our strong ‘Paws on the Mountain’ family, wecan fulfill our commitment.

For those of you looking to adopt another Greyhound, we ask for your patience, and understanding. With over 100 Greyhound adoption groups helping the cause, therewill be a lull until the 7 remaining Florida race tracks officially close down.Currently, 7 of the 11 tracks will close prior to the 2020 deadline and dogs will begin to flood our kennel at a faster pace as ever before.

Not only donations; foster homes will be needed so these incoming Greyhounds will get love and guidance until they find their couch. Fundraisers for those of youwilling to help us raise money, anything to help, we are forever grateful!

We can never express enough our appreciation and gratitude for your many yearsof love, commitment, and support for this most noble breed.


John & Denise Davis
Paws on the Mountain – Greyhound Adoption

(Greyhound Rescue, Inc.)

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