Superior Woody

Howdy Partner! I’m Superior Woody. I ran 58 races at Dubuque IA and TriState WV, winning 8, placing 7, and showing 10. I’m retired now just after having my 3rd birthday. I’m the big man in the adoption kennel, but I’m 86lbs of super sweet red brindle. And while Denise and the other folks here are loving, I’m eager to get my forever home. In the words of my movie character namesake, “You’re my favorite deputy!” So why not get Denise on the horn today so you and I can posse up!


RF Griffindor

The interwebs say that the “house of Griffindor” is associated with daring, bravery, nerve and chivalry. I’d hope those nice words describe me. Folks call me Griffin now that I’m retired at just over 3 years old. I ran 67 races in Dubuque IA and TriState WV, winning 5 firsts, 7 seconds, and 11 thirds. You don’t have to be a fellow Griffindor or even an HP fan to call Denise about bringing me home. You just need room in your heart for 80lbs of White and Fawn couch potato.

Penrose Greg

Did you that Penrose is Welsh or Cornish for “top of the heath?” Well I’m certainly feeling on Top now that I found my family!! Don’t we look good?!
There’s certainly not much “heath” at TriState in WV, but in 89 runs I managed to come out on top in 6 of them. With 19 second and 10 third places. But now that I’m retired at almost 4 years old folks call me Greg, and the only thing I’m looking to be “on top” of now is your couch. Greg stems from the Greek for watchful. After I win at “couching” I’ll look forward to having you show me how to win at “binge-watching” your favorites. Until then I’ll be watchful of Denise’s phone waiting for your call.

Lee Swagger

swag-ger. verb; to walk or behave in a very confident way. “I swaggered around the track at Wheeling Downs 22 times.” “But now I’m swaggering on walkies with my family!” Don’t we look greyt?!

Of those times I placed second twice and third twice, so now I’m retired at just under 3 years old and searching for a new place or two to strut. I bet we could strut together while out on walkies! The dictionary says swagger is typically arrogant, but I can assure you that I’m nothing but 76 red pounds of nice and friendly.