Happy 4th of July

Who doesn’t love a good celebration?  And what could be more special than celebrating our Country?  As most greyhound owners know, our pups love a celebration and our Country…except when it involves fireworks!  Why do we mention this?  July 4th is one day when there are more lost dogs than any other.

What can be done to minimize this risk?

  • Start by checking all gates and ensure they are closed.
  • Take your pup out for a long walk early in the day to wear them out then make sure you are indoors before the fireworks start (don’t forget to hydrate!)
  • If he or she is especially nervous, consider trying a thunder coat or talking to your vet for a calming medication.
  • Try not to leave him or her alone during the fireworks.
  • While it may be fun to celebrate with your greyhound, July 4th may be one celebration you don’t want to take him/ her too.
  • Most importantly, act normal.  The minute you start anticipating your greyhound having a problem, he or she will sense something is wrong and will feel like they have a reason to react.  Not all greys have a problem with fireworks.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July.  And, don’t forget to thank those men and women who keep our Country



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