Big Al

Adopt a Special Friend

Most of the Greyhounds that come along are perfectly content to fit into retirement.  Every once in awhile, one comes along that has some special need.  Just like people, we have ones that are confident, playful, anxious, happy, nervous…And the one with the prey drive that won’t quit.  While this may seem to be the norm for a grey, those of us with cat loving greys realize that not all of them really care to chase things in retirement.  We have also found that one with a long racing career may not always have a high prey drive.

Currently, Paws on the Mountain has two beautiful brindle boys with loving personalities that are having a difficult time finding a forever home.  Neither of these boys are bad or have done anything that makes them difficult to place, they just have a high prey drive.  They require homes with no little kids (9 and up is a good acceptable age range) and no small animals.  These boys can be trained to walk and play well with others, but may require some extra precautions on walks and when doors open (things like a harness or a Gentle Leader for extra control).  And, while this may seem difficult, they will reward you by playing happily with toys, and when they are done and tired out assuming the favorite greyhound couch potato position cuddled up next you on the couch.  Won’t you consider adopting one of these sweet, lovable pups?

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