O Fortuna

Are you ready to find your Forune-a? Howdy, I’m O Fortuna! I’m a cute li’l ol’ 65lb brindle girl from West Virginia. I spent my entire racing career at TriState – all 134 runs! With my record of 14 wins, 16 places and 15 shows I’ll bet that fortune will favor you, too, when you adopt me. Call Denise and tell her you are ready to claim your sweet Fortuna.

WW’s CD Mia

It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am WW’s CD Mia, but everyone just says “Mia.” I’m an outgoing 2.5yo petite black female from Arkansas, retiring from TriState at 2.5yo after 48 races at both Wheeling Downs and TriState. I claim 3 wins 4 places and 4 shows. Comments on my last 2 runs say I was “never prominent” and “never a threat.” I’m such a lover I don’t think I could ever be a threat. I was just ready to be prominent in your life and on your couch- just call Denise.