Royal Elegance

My pedigree say’s I’m Royal Elegance. I have to admit, I am pretty handsome! Everyone calls me Edward – you know, like the King! I’m the little guy in the kennel at 74lbs, and retiring with my littermate (Alfred) just before our second birthday. I don’t have any “official” races in the books – I’m a pretty happy guy. Can you see the puppy in me? I’m so excited for the adventures we are going to have together. Did I just hear the phone ring? Greyt – It’s you calling Denise about bringing me home!

RCK Time Warp

I hear you singing: It’s just a jump to the left, and a step to the right! Yup – I’m RCK Time Warp. I’m a big 80lb 3yo red boy everyone knows as Marmaduke. I retired from running after 62 races at TriState and Southland. I did well – 8 wins, 7 places, 6 shows. My next win will be your heart. Just like my nickname sake, I plan to be a fabulous couch potato. So call Denise and say “Let’s do the Time Warp…”

Royal Approval

Good Day and Well met good gentles! If you’ve been wanting to become nobility by adopting royalty – then now is your time! Royal Approval aka Alfred here, at your service. I’m a 78lb white and brindle male, and I’m still a bit puppy, turning 2 in April. Don’t let my young age fool you – I did have 9 races at TriState. But I only won once, with no other places. I heard about the pet life and decided that was for me. Look how happy that I am that you are going to call Denise and let her know you “approve” of Alfred.

Steve Novotney

Nova here! Looks like I’m still looking for at forever home so I’m available. I may be the smallest and the youngest here at the PotM adoption kennel, but don’t let that fool you! I’ve got the most runs and the most wins! I’m well-travelled, having started my career at Palm Beach, then Southland and ending at Wheeling Downs. I’ve got a big personality – my perfect human partner will be ready for that retired racer that “didn’t read the book” and won’t be the traditional couch potato. If you’ve got the personality to match mine give Denise a call!


Five year old 72lb overtly friendly fawn retired athlete and FL boy seeking second career as couch potato after 88 career races. Highlights include being the 2021 Ness Sechrest Mid Distance Consolation winner and 2020 Ness Sechrest Mid Distance Consolation finalist. I started my career at Palm Beach and ended at Southland. I’ve got my ear up to listen for the phone ring – I know it will be you calling Denise to let her know your couch needs me!